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the caftan cutie goes live!!!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Y'all! I am appearing on my first Facebook LIVE ever to talk about the creation of The Caftan Cuties Group on Facebook and so much more! My dear friend, Candance L. Greene, founder of Cherished Flight, which produces, podcasts, blogs, daily #PeaceBreaks, has published a 31-day devotional, and has been instrumental in keeping me sane at times, launched a 6-part series in the beginning of June where she went live on Facebook with various people discussing how they have maintained the peace of God through everyday life. She was inspired one morning at 2 AM when she says God woke her up with this in her heart.

Now if you follow me long enough and you will learn that, although I was raised as a Catholic school attending, church every Sunday participating, daughter of a devout Catholic, I have had times when my faith has been shaky. During some of these times I've even spoken with Candance about it. So for her to watch how everything is evolving with Caftan Cuties and ask me to discuss how it has helped me find peace during such a difficult time blew my mind! So it makes sense that our episode, which is the finale to the series, is titled Peace In the Unexpected.

Tune in on Saturday July 11th at 3 PM ET on the Cherishedflight Facebook page and watch us explore my career in fashion, how COVID put the brakes on everything, the origin of the caftan and the Caftan Cuties movement!

Now if I could only figure out what to wear!!!! Press PLAY, sound ON!

Original work of Nicole Finigan Ndzibah a.k.a. The Caftan Cutie – July 10, 2020

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