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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

My “history” with the Ashro catalog is a humorous one. My mother was a catalog shopper and Ashro was among the ones she used to receive. My sisters and I always wondered how it was that she came to receive it, as many of the Sunday looks were way too elaborate for how my Mother dressed for church—more First Lady of the Church than Catholic choir lady. We suspect she may have bought their casual-wear…bedazzled tees, tunics, etc.

Well, fast forward to me creating the Caftan Cuties Facebook group and with it creating my own personal need for more caftans! My baby sister joked, “Well now you have a use for all those Ashro catalogs Mommy used to receive.” With gorgeous prints and friendly prices Ashro has become one of the group’s frequent resources. So, you can probably understand how excited I was when the good folks at Ashro offered me a sneak peek at a few of their new Fall 2020 styles!!! Even better, yours truly is appearing on Ashro’s Blog as a guest blogger sharing my thoughts on the 4 beautiful caftans, they sent to me that will take me from summer into autumn.

I’m still {mostly} sheltering in place, but I was able to take some gorgeous pictures of caftans Zina, Jehlani, Eshe and Goddess right at home in my yard and on my porch. Enjoy the pictures and please run, don’t walk to Ashro’s website to check out my review of the styles. All of the caftans reviewed are only $19.99—definitely pocketbook friendly.

Disclosure: I received these items free of charge from Ashro. No monetary compensation was received or offered, nor was I under any obligation to write about this product. All opinions expressed are my honest thoughts on these caftans. I am not offering any sales or taking any orders for them. I will not receive any compensation in connection with any sales.

Original work of Nicole Finigan Ndzibah a.k.a. The Caftan Cutie – August 10, 2020

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